The perfect choice to remember a loved one
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UK supplier of the Memorial Light

These are the perfect choice for you to remember a loved one.
These lights are purposely built to allow a candle
 to burn outside in all weather conditions.
(The candle burns out does not blow out and lasts on average 7- 10 days)
The lights are available in various designs.
    The Memorial Light is perfect for you to remember a loved one. It is purposely built allowing a candle
    to burn in all weathers. The living flame gives you comfort day and night, knowing the warmth of the 
    flame is burning at the graveside of those we have loved and lost. 
    They are available in Gold or Silver, with or without a cross and an 18inch stake to secure it in the
    ground. The gold light is also available with the specially designed Velcro(adhesive) which works well
    both indoors and outdoors.
    All lights are available with a choice of colour for the cylinder.  Cylinders are interchangable and
    additional cylinders can be purchased if you wish to change the colour around anniversaries,
    Christmas time etc. 
     CLMEMORIALS     Glasgow
     Tel/Fax 01355 904150



                      Always remember your loved ones